“After Laughter” Limited Edition

Product Design, Photography

This task focused on implementing alternative photographic practices to a modern visual communication context. A client had to be chosen and a scenario that would lead to designing a minimum of 3 works using alternative photographic practices. The alternative photographic images must constitute the majority of the design.

The pop punk band Paramore was chosen as the client. The final design proposed a “limited edition” of their latest album “After Laughter”. The album signifies a new change in the band’s sounds and concept, thus the perfect album to work on.
The format of the album is rectangular and has a flap on the side to mimic a diary or journal, so that the listener can have a feeling of intimacy, as if they’re opening up the mind of Paramore. There is also an envelope with postcards that slides in and out of the album. These postcards act as a lyricbook as well, with the lyrics on one side and an image that correlates with the lyrics, on the other. This is so that listeners can also choose to frame or stick these up on a wall as normal photographs. Other additions to this edition includes a guitar pick signed by the guitarist and exclusive polaroids of the band.
These images are a combination of the process journal, printing and assembling phases, and various techniques were chosen to not use in the final outcome, such as the scratching on the actual photographs. There was quite a lot of mocking up and iterations that had to be done, especially with the printing and assembling stages, where there were a lot of technical errors.