Takwa and Zubair’s Wedding

Print Design, Brand Identity

An opportunity was given to create and design print collateral for a simplistic, minimal wedding. While the clients were not too fussy about the design concept and execution, they asked to differentiate the designs from the growing trend of flowing calligraphy and fancy writing - to simply keep it as clean as possible, yet retain that same floral and pretty feel to the designs. The final outcomes included two types of wedding invitations, menus and a table seating chart placed at the front of the venue.
The concept of the wedding was based around simplicity and minimalism, as well as the colours of the prominent flowers that were used in the wedding - pink and white. The flowers have been strategically placed around the type on the invitations as a way to create a romantic and light invite for attendees, as well as the consistent use of the Montserrat typeface tied the whole concept together.
Images taken by May Preedeesanit of Nour Photography