Welfare Rights Centre

Brand Identity, Print Design, Collaboration

This was a project that taught me how to work professionally and the benefits of working in a socially responsible manner. I collaborated with other visual communications students and created the studio “J(US)T” - pronounced “Just Us”. We were tasked with working with a non-for-profit company, Welfare Rights Centre. The WRC is a non-for-profit organisation and community legal centre, providing free legal advice and represent those who have been affected by judicial systems, specifically Centrelink. I worked in collaboration with Stephanie Hannah, Cathy Nguyen, Anandini Tapodhan and Lilly Grace Robb.
Prior to approaching J(US)T, the WRC had recognised that their branding was weak overall, their logo lacked a strong concept and their established website was too complicated and non-intuitive to use. From there, J(US)T had agreed to create a solution in which they would come up with a re-worked logo and brand identity for the WRC that has a solidified concept behind it, and in doing so, design a platform and some supplementary material that is contemporary, consistent and can be easily accessed and used.
The logo has been redesigned to be updated into a more professional and clearer icon that represents the WRC. The new logo includes the name being stacked within the circle, allowing for an overall squarer shape that makes it easier for them to input the logo onto their branding collateral. The circle itself represents the concept of unity, community and harmony, allowing for potential clients to feel confident in using the WRC’s services.