Wes Anderson

Web Design, Digital Design

This project was designed to conceive, design and build a single page website. The subject of the single page is a designer that is well known – Wes Anderson. The project insisted that the designer must focus on a single aspect that was interested in. This formed the content of the page, fulfilling the criteria of the brief. A composition was then designed that communicated and reflected the content that was developed, and it was finally built in HTML and CSS with a simple layout.
Wes Anderson was chosen as the muse for the single scroll site. The site was focused on the common aesthetics that the director utilised across his films. These included the criteria of tracking shots, symmetry and limited colour palettes. To further explore these, simple interactions and visuals, such as gifs that demonstrated the shots, diagrams of the symmetrical shots and the colour palettes of every film Anderson directed, with a hover feature, were included.