Where is Home?

Environmental Design

The intention of this project is to provide people with a digital or physical story-telling experience situated in the forecourt area of the Sydney Living Museum’s First Government House Museum. I was asked to explore, interpret and visually communicate historical stories related to place through environmental graphic concepts. The design should aim to have people connect as visitors and want to walk through the door of the Museum.
The concept of my design focuses on the idea of “home”. As the First Government House (FGH) housed the first 9 governors, I was curious about how the house itself represented the intentions of the European settlers as they invaded the land and rooted themselves on the cove, as well as how the First Peoples viewed the house and what it meant to them. I then wanted to further research and explore what the word “home:” means to both the settlers and the First Peoples. While the First Peoples believed that home is where you must stay and be responsible for, the Europeans were eager to leave their own home to find a new one to settle on. I communicated this contradcition through a variation of materiality and text, as found through my previous research.